Moving Average Inc.

Mobile App Consulting

Moving Average Inc. can help you make educated business decisions about mobile apps, as well as helping out technically. I suggest that you start by reading these essays on business in the App Store. My knowledge is specific to the Android™, iPhone®, and iPad® mobile devices.

You can see some sample code on github, including an app that scans for BTLE devices near you.

You can email me using john.knox at this domain.

Our iPhone and iPad Apps

Modern Metronome is a metronome app designed to be simple, clear, and easy to use for everyone. Modern Metronome integrates with VoiceOver to assist users with visual or physical disabilities. It also supports the complete range of dynamic text sizes selectable in the Settings app.

Hop Safari delivers photographic stories that capture some of the most beautiful and fun places and events on our planet.

Keep Austin Dog Friendly is a free iPhone and iPad app for locating dog-friendly businesses in Austin Texas.

Engineering Careers

I'm an independent-minded software developer who likes helping other independent-minded developers. Moving Average has a career guide book for Engineering Students called Conquering Your Engineering Internship: Planning, Getting, And Making The Most Of An Internship Or Co-Op.


Moving Average Inc. is a small Austin company founded by John M. P. Knox. John enjoys windsurfing, craft beer, photography, and software development.

You can talk to Moving Average on Twitter.