Moving Average Inc.

Moving Average Inc.

Executive Consulting

More than Two Decades of Software and Hardware Experience


Do you lack familiarity with iOS app development, but need to build an app? Get help screening and interviewing iOS developers.

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Quality & Process

Does your team struggle with bugs and delayed releases? Get help integrating industry best practices like CI/CD, Unit Testing, and UI Tests to develop a quality iOS app.

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Hardware Integration

Do you need an iOS app to communicate with hardware? Are you having difficulty with reliability or performance? Get help connecting your app to Bluetooth Low Energy, NFC, or other hardware.

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Acquisitions & Investments

Are you considering an investment, merger, or acquisition of an iOS App-based business? Get help performing technical and business due diligence: review the codebase, vet the technical team, and check for technical debt.

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Wealth for Founders

A personal wealth guide for business owners.

Conquering Your Engineering Internship

Planning, Getting, And Making The Most Of An Internship Or Co-Op

A guide for students looking to start their engineering or software development career the right way.


Modern Metronome

A simple, clear, and easy to use Metronome. Modern Metronome integrates with VoiceOver to assist users with visual or physical disabilities. It also supports the complete range of dynamic text sizes selectable in the Settings app.


Do you highlight your books? Are you a life-long learner? Passages stores your quotes and notes in a searchable app you can store in your pocket. Instead of leafing through piles of books and hundreds of pages, you can find your reading notes in seconds.