Moving Average Inc.

Moving Average Inc.

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Two Decades+ of Software & Business Experience

John M. P. Knox


Software Business

John has been involved as an investor, advisor, director, or engineer in more than one hundred businesses. He has a broad base of experience and observation, spanning B2B SaaS, consumer apps, fitness, travel, social media, health, hardware, and more.

Software Process

Does your team struggle with bugs and delayed releases? Get help integrating industry best practices like CI/CD, Unit Testing, and UI Tests to develop a quality iOS app.

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Hardware Integration

Do you need an iOS app to communicate with hardware? Are you having difficulty with reliability or performance? Get help connecting your app to Bluetooth Low Energy, NFC, or other hardware.

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Acquisitions & Investments

Are you considering an investment, merger, or acquisition of an iOS App-based business? Get help performing technical and business due diligence: review the codebase, vet the technical team, and check for technical debt.

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Do you lack familiarity with software development, but need to build an app? Get help screening and interviewing iOS developers.

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Matt Zunert

Founder, DebugBear
As a TinySeed mentor, John has provided great insight into many product and business questions I've had. We also had several conversations about hiring and managing engineers, and his experienced perspective as an engineering leader was incredibly valuable.

Mark Littlewood

CEO, Business of Software Conference
John is a seriously impressive individual. As an app developer, has produced beautiful, functional and popular apps. As a person, he is one of life's stars. I met him through the Business of Software Conference where he has been a regular attendee for many years. Over the past few years he has also 'sponsored' attendance at the event for recent engineering graduates with the intention of giving someone an introduction into the world of software. Extremely generous with his time and energy.

Jason Cohen

Founder, WP Engine
I'm a super-fan of everyone and everything related to John and BoS.

Jesse Guerrero

Design Manager, Horizon Metaverse @Meta
John is a fantastic software engineer, he gets it done right. I enjoy working with and knowing him. John understands and appreciates good user experiences; he's a designers best friend! Aside from enjoying working together, I enjoy intellectually stimulating conversations with him.


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