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Mr. Altman Goes to Washington

The anticompetitive call for AI licensing and censorship

Sam Altman recently appeared before Congress to discuss AI. During his appearance, he requested licensing and other regulations for AI developers like OpenAI (his company). Many engineers have mixed feelings about this request..

When Agile is Not Enough

Improving performance through leadership

Agile works, but only with a solid foundation. Without the right people and good leadership, you're building software on quicksand..

A Guide to iOS and BLE Integrations

Best Practices for Integrating Bluetooth Peripherals with iOS Apps

Building a Bluetooth Low Energy hardware peripheral is challenging work. You're designing hardware, firmware, and often an iOS app. Where do you start? How do you keep the project on track? This guide illustrates a few techniques I've used to get products to market quickly..

Guide to iOS Development Processes

Best Practices for iOS App Software Development

How can you improve efficiency, reduce bugs, and have more control over the development of an iOS app? This guide walks you through designing a collaborative iOS app development process..