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John M. P. Knox


John M. P. Knox is a advisor, investor, and executive consultant who helps businesses improve their development teams, processes, and technologies. John has decades of leadership experience backed by deep technical expertise in technologies like iPhone apps and BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) system integrations. He's worked on dozens of hardware and software products, many of which have millions of downloads, were featured in the App Store, and in top outlets like Wired magazine, CNET, and USA Today. He is also a TinySeed Mentor, investor, and advisor to dozens of SaaS companies.

John's Background

John founded Moving Average Inc. more than a decade ago. At that time, he developed software used to guarantee the quality and correctness of some of the most powerful microprocessors then available. When the first public SDK for the iPhone became available in 2008, his professional focus shifted to iOS development in hardware and software startups. That focus evolved to leadership, consulting, and investing in small software companies. Today, Moving Average offers executive consulting services to help businesses build better organizations and release high quality hardware and software at a faster pace.

John worked on numerous well-known and highly rated iOS apps with millions of downloads. Apple has featured some of these apps, and many rank highly in the App Store.

John also helped CEOs and CTOs evaluate potential acquisitions, and design and implement strategies to improve their development process. Like the Agile Manifesto states, while we value process, we value people more. Great teams build great apps. Without trust, collaboration, and a safe environment, you can't deliver great products.

You can learn more about John's career on LinkedIn. You can find additional writing on Engineering Adventure.

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