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John M. P. Knox

About Minimum Viable Style

I'm John. Nice to meet you.

I started Minimum Viable Style because I love T-shirts and I love startup companies. I especially love sustainiable startup companies. When I say sustainable, I mean companies that focus on both delivering value, and on generating revenue. Businesses that burn money while ignoring the revenue question just scare me. Businesses that ignore the delivery of value to just scrabble for money terrify me too. Value and revenue, or it's not sustainable.

I hope that Miniumum Viable Style will deliver value by making you laugh, a little social commentary, and sharp product design. I'm guessing that startup T-shirts that don't feature product logos target a pretty narrow niche. That's OK; my goal is to make shirts that my friends will really really want to wear.

Did I mention my designs? To get things started, I paid a friend to design the first two T-Shirts.

I call the first design "Monetizing Eyeballs". You may have seen me wearing it at the Business of Software Conference. Monetizing Eyeballs represents a real phenomena in startups. A startup that runs itself and grows on advertising dollars has made it to Valhalla.

The best example of an Eyeball-Class business has to be Google. They make piles of cash by linking up their users to their customers, and they get to spend that money on experiments like head-mounted computing devices and self-driving cars. Many startups have smashed on the rocks after following the siren song of Google's technology focus. If your startup hopes to succeed on ad revenue, I hope that you're testing your theories and not just focusing on growing your user base! Odin help you if you aren't even focusing on users!

Click here to see the first T-shirt designs.

If you'd like to learn more about upcoming designs, or to participate in the design process, you can sign up for my mailing list below. You can also follow me on Twitter as @WindAddict, on I'm also WindAddict, and you can follow on Google Plus here.



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